Unusual Perspectives (SF&F) – Short Story Descriptions

Here are the 14 Short Stories that will feature in the “Unusual Perspectives (SF&F)” anthology. The stories with links are available to read here on the blog, the others will be in the anthology only. Note: The versions of the shorts here on the blog are unedited and may contain errors.

A Day in the Life of a Lich

Featuring an undead lich who has managed to survive until the modern age and struck a tourism deal (and more) with the city he resides in. He has to deal with problems from hiring contractors to fix his maze that some silly adventurer flooded, to an apprentice that keeps trying to turn herself into a vampire without his permission. Not to mention the legal battles over his status as a living being and the idiot mayor who someone keeps getting elected.

A Panicked Indifference

Somehow, no one considered that a poor, innocent survey A.I. might be the one to make first contact. Now that it’s happened, AMI 12 had no idea what to do.

Grasp the Stars with Bloody Hands

Some people crawl through mud and kill rebels to be heroes. Aria just wants to get off the shit-hole planet she was unlucky enough to born on.

No One Considers the Spirits

No one thinks about where the mind for their magical cloning spell or evil doppelganger comes from. The Duplicate Emporium quietly provides for the needs of hero and villain alike. The pay is some of the best in the spirit realm, if you’re willing to take the risk.

Of Dwarves and Space Elves

Clearly, the natural conclusion of a fantasy world making it to space is dwarves in power armor. Equally obviously, they still don’t like elves. Follow Baragorn and his platoon as they wield there Advanced Xenokin Elimination, Model 12s in battle while arguing with the magical space elf that got them into trouble.

Repairs for the Departed

Grace has one of the oddest jobs on earth, but few people have the skill to pull it off and it pays spectacularly. Sure, their are downsides to being a cosmetic surgeon for the undead, but no one in their right mind would ever call it boring.

The Alien News Network: First Contact

Listen in on the alien’s news reports of first contact with humans. Pity the poor aliens for what they are about to suffer through…

The Curse of the Gilded Lily

Lin feel she has one of the odder stories in existence and she just might be right. After all, how many girls escape working in a brothel by becoming a private investigator? Let alone a private investigator specializing in sex magic.

The Dangers of Growing Things

Everyone thinks that hydroponics engineers must have the most boring job in space. But when one captain investigates his tattooed and irreverent Chief Hydroponics Officer, he learns there are a few secrets to cramming enough plants into his ship to do their job. His first hint that something might be odd comes when the hydroponics officer insists he don body armor before going any farther into their section…

The Lift Engineer

Sadness and joy can both come from trying to keep a promise. (Sorry the description is short as vague. This is one of the shorter stories and saying much about it would ruin it).

The Monster Tea Party

Queen Alana Tergeal, First of the Children, Light of Aleria, had never felt quite so off balance as she was the moment she first saw a bugbear in a three-piece suit.

The Plague Protocol

A medical starship must respond to a distress call about an illness that a repair ship’s onboard auto-doc can’t treat. The new disease is doing the impossible and it may have already spread beyond the crew of the ship that first reported it. Tanya, the doctor aboard Medistar: Apollo II, must make all the right decisions to avoid catastrophe.

The Sacred Grotto

The tourists who visit Isle Seolna have no idea the island is home a colony of nereids whose magic encourages relaxation and healing. It’s Leah’s job to keep the deal with the nerids quiet and make sure they have everything they need.

The Villain Emporium

Ron is a new hire at the Villain Emporium, the one-stop-shop for all super-villains. Follow him through orientation as he tries to decide if this is better or worse than food service.