CoHH Wiki and Other Places to Find Me

First and foremost, you can find The Chronicles of Henry Harper Universe Wiki here. The CoHH Universe Wiki in managed by me, and includes a lot of information on the Planets, Ships, Characters, Technologies and more of the CoHH Universe. Most of it is taken directly from my notes on the settings, and the rest was created wholesale for the wiki. All of it is cannon.

As for other places to find me on the web, you can get updates on my current and upcoming projects, as well as my idle thoughts and other random bits on my Facebook Page. Copies of my reviews, my blog posts, as well as ratings for some two hundred+ books (not reviews, just my personal ratings), can be found on my GoodReads account. You can also reach me personally via the contact form below, though I can’t guarantee a response depending on my current levels of free time. I do try to at least read all mail (of the non-hate variety) sent to me.

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