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Greetings people of all ages! I’m currently running a kickstarter to support my efforts to write my next novel, Patchwork Magic. In addition to supporting me and getting yourself a […]

So! Sorry for not updating as often these days. In truth, I’m simply working on one too many projects at once, and the result is that I keep dropping a […]

First, I’m sorry for the delays in posting. I’m currently reading a book for the first “Indie” review, but I’m struggling to get through it. More on that when I […]

I normally don’t shy away from very many topics, as evidenced by having some fairly controversial posts already on this blog (The Death of Politics and Sex vs Violence, in […]

“I’m only human.” I hate that phrase. Really, genuinely, despise it. Of course, it isn’t a blind and unreasoning hatred. No, I know exactly why I don’t like that phrase, […]