About the Sane Person Behind the Insanity

Aside from being the only sane person on the planet, I’m really a fairly unassuming genius.

Oh, fine, I’m probably crazy and my genius is only recognized by those of a certain quality. At any rate, I was born very young, I pretended to grow up only when people were looking, and I chose my pen name because I couldn’t make my real name sound exciting.

No, seriously. Not matter how I manipulated my real name, it came out sounding like someone who wrote either dust-dry survey logs for the county records office, or a romance novelist. Now, I don’t have anything against surveyors or romance novelists, but my first book was a Sci-Fi work, and my second planned novel is Fantasy(sorta). So I spent entirely too much time creating a nom de plume, and I’m not even sure I can remember how I ultimately  came up with Jacen Aster (I totally can, but it’s a boring story, so please ignore the man behind the curtain).

Getting on with the rambling…

My original education was actually in programming. Even then, though, the point I was trying to get at was the development of interesting worlds for video games. Once I eventually realized that I don’t really like people all that over-much, and I liked the mindless repetition of coding even less, I shifted to the idea of writing novels instead. There, being the contrary person I am, I insisted that I could do it better than everyone else and refused to write the typical blockbuster formulas. I wanted to tell different stories, unique stories, stories with that have  an all-to-rare spark of life in them. The Chronicles of Henry Harper, built off of a short story I wrote titled simply The Machinist, was/is the first time I felt I succeeded in doing that. At least a little.

So, now I’m an author that writes Sci-Fi and Fantasy from unique and unusual perspectives, and even the blog title is part and parcel of the headtrip those off kilter thought patterns sometimes invokes. Though, I have my doubts if anyone will be able to unravel the thought process that made it!


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