I’m back! Sorta…

Okay, I know I’ve been absent a lonnnnnggg time. Unfortunately, that was due to life kinda beating the stuffing out of me for a while. Between a series of new jobs (contracts with set durations, mostly) that wore me down, some medical issues, and some mental health issues stemming from both…I couldn’t find the time or energy to write. That wasn’t helped by my inability to really make much of The Chronicles of Henry Harper’s original release. Every review I’ve gotten of the novel has been positive, both the professional and non-professional sorts (with the exception of one jerk on facebook I got into an argument with, who proceed to buy my book just to trash it in petty anger -_-). Unfortunately, I had lost my job shortly before it published…and I simply couldn’t afford to actually advertise the release. The predictable result was that, despite overwhelmingly positive reviews, it kinda just went nowhere…people have to know something exists to be interested in it, after all! The same was even more true of the Short Story Collection I released with zero advertisement at all (I don’t think I even made a post here about it).

Net result? I had a really hard time even thinking about writing and what I did write I mostly hated for a while. I’ve FINALLY managed to get back to something of an even-keel, though, and I’m picking up a reimagined version of Patchwork Maigc to work on. At the same time, I’m planning to release a physical version of The Chronicles of Henry Harper, as well as return to putting the occasional short-story up on this blog. I suspect this post will go mostly unnoticed…but I did want it to be here, as an explanation for future readers (hopefully) to explain the aforementioned long gap of silence.

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