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I’m currently running a kickstarter to support my efforts to write my next novel, Patchwork Magic. In addition to supporting me and getting yourself a future copy, there are a bunch of other great rewards. These include copies of a short story anthology I’m currently in the process of editing, and discounted copies of “The Chronicles of Henry Harper.” Please go check out the kickstarter!


Here’s a little detail about Patchwork Magic.

In its most basic form, Patchwork Magic is a story about two talented mages from vastly different backgrounds. Alya Sulwyn is a supposed child of prophecy (which she secretly doesn’t believe in) who finds herself waking up in the city’s main Spell Dump with no knowledge of how she got there. Sae Neona is a talented Patchwork Mage who spends her days combing the spell dump for useful magic. Their accidental meeting will eventually rock the city and might just fulfill the prophecy…but certainly not in a way anyone expected.

Get a PDF of Chapter 1 (Draft) Here!

The Setting

“In a city of magic it seems only obvious, to anyone who stops to think about it, which really is almost no one at all, that there would be such a thing as a Spell Dump. A junkyard of magic and a wasteland of toxic byproducts.  

If you asked any of the ‘proper’ people of New Istara City where one might find such a place, they almost certainly couldn’t tell you. At best, the most thoughtful, informed, or well-connected might say you could probably find them in the undercity. Deep in the undercity. And so you could. But if you braved the depths of that undercity you might, just might, get someone to tell you about the dumps, and more the point, about the truly fascinating people called “Patchwork Mages.” Mages who, lacking the resources and means of the upper or middle classes but being possessed of an undeniable talent, have combed those spell dumps for useful magic. Sometimes the magic they’ve managed to scavenge is recognizable, sometimes odd, and almost inevitably much of it is incomplete or useless. The very best of them, mages with more raw power or talent in their little fingers than the mage that tossed away a failed experiment had in his or her whole body, sometimes even manage to make powerful abandoned magics and ideas work.

Of course, as one might imagine, the less lucky or gifted of these souls might only find poor and useless magics, blow themselves up experimenting, or simply die from the poisonous concoctions they stumble into in the dumps. Still, it’s truly amazing what these people can accomplish. The difficulty comes in getting them to tell you about it.”  

Alexander Bramehin, on the subject of Exotic Magiks

As a writer, I specialize in unusual stories and perspectives. Unsurprisingly, Patchwork Magic is no different. Rather than a run-of-the-mill fantasy setting, Patchwork Magic takes place in a world that has developed into a rough equivalent of modern day via magitek instead of technology. Comm crystals take the place of telephones, families have scrying screens instead of TVs, and aircars powered by wind and gravity magics are a fairly common form of transportation.

Inside this magitek world, the novel is set in the city of New Istara. New Istara is a vertical city built into a massive canyon and expanded upon over the course of hundreds of years. Originally built only into the sides, the city builders started crisscrossing the gap when they ran out of room. Now there is so much structure between the sides that the city has effectively been split into dozens of levels. The wealthy live near the ‘surface,’ the poor live on the ground where the heavy industry and manufacturing takes place, and the middle class fills everything in between. The story opens in the city’s largest spell dump, located on surface, but will canvass all levels of the city throughout the plot.


While there are many major and minor characters throughout the book, the two primary protagonists are Alya Sulwyn and Sae Neona. No, it’s not a story about their fated love, get your head (and mine while you’re there) out of the gutter.

Alya – Is a university trained mage, on the verge of becoming the youngest archmage in centuries. Her father and many of his fellow nobles believe her to be a child prophesied to bring a golden age to New Istara. Alya herself works hard with all the advantages they quietly arrange for her, but personally thinks they are completely crazy.

Sae – Is a “Patchwork Mage,” a magic user from the undercity that has never had a formal education. Patchwork mages or “Patchers” are called such due to the erratic mismatch of magic they manage to collect from diving into the city’s spell dumps to scavenge, or by trading with other patchers. The more talented of these mages often mix the magics they find into new spells as well, creating magics all their own. Sae is one such mage, with a natural talent on par with Alya’s own.


Obviously, I can’t tell you everything! Beyond the short blurb I gave under the header for this section, I will only say a little. The story starts with Alya unsure if her arrival in the spell dump was an accident or an attack. With the help of Sae she must uncover the truth of the matter. In the process, Alya might just discover what it is that she’s supposed to do to save the city of New Istara from the decline it has been suffering for the past century…

As with all my works you can expect some fresh perspectives, oddly fun characters, plenty of twisty twists, and possibly a tap dancing animal. I make no promises about the tap dancing animal, though.

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