“The Chronicles of Henry Harper” links! (Including Bonus Stories!)

This is now a sticky post, rather than a release post. It will remain at the top of the blog so that newcomers can find all the CoHH content.

My Science Fiction novel, “The Chronicles of Henry Harper,” is available for purchase at Amazon/Kindle. Note: It was previously available at other locations. Due to poor sales everywhere but Amazon combined with Amazon’s bully tactics of demanding exclusivity in order to run sales and other promotions, the novel has been removed from everywhere but Amazon. Sorry!

“The Chronicles of Henry Harper” is a novel detailing the entire career of a brilliant, veteran, starship engineer, Henry Harper. Henry is a gifted engineer lucky enough to be serving right when humanity is finally exploring outside its home solar system. He begins his career as the lowest man in the totem pole aboard humanity’s very first experiment in superluminal travel, and goes on to be present for first contact, the birth of A.I., and a number of other major galactic events.

See the galaxy through his eyes as he weaves for you the story of his decades-long career. Watch how he averted tragedy, solved crises, and learned the very best swear words in a dozen languages.

Check out the Renaissance Writer’s Review & By Rite of Word for a couple of book-blogger reviews!

Get a glimpse inside with teaser excerpts One, Two, and Three.

Read the first of three novel tie-in Short Stories: An Unexpected Fate

Read the second of three novel tie-in Short Stories: A Universal Truth

Read the third novel tie in Short Story: A Sucker is Born Every Minute

Find out more about the Chronicles of Henry Harper Universe at: The CoHH Wiki





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